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We stand up for you and together we can teach your harassers what their Mamma didn’t, respect.

Mitra Law Group is dedicated to representing employees (women or men) who have been sexually harassed and then forced to resign or even worse were fired under pretense of poor performance or other made-up B.S. reasons. As a victim of sexual harassment, you suffer a personal attack on your dignity and self-worth that needs to be remedied.

Sexual Harassment
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Who is liable for sexual harassment?

Regardless of their size, all employers can be liable for the sexual harassment of their employees. This is true even if the employer did not know about the sexual harassment so long as they should have known. The law holds employers liable for tolerating a sexually hostile work environment and not taking effective and quick action to stop it. You must report the harassment to management in writing, if possible. It may sound scary, but we can help you with the internal reporting at no charge. The law also holds the individual harasser personally liable, as well as the HR personnel and managers who knowingly failed to take any action to protect you.

No Fees Unless There Is a Financial Recovery!

At Mitra Law Group, we have made it our mission to advocate for victims of workplace sexual harassment and assault. We believe in enforcing your rights, so we handle your case on contingency and front all the costs in your case. This means there will be no financial burden on you for pursuing your rights unless and until we win your case. These types of cases rarely make it to trial and often quickly get resolved for a substantial amount of money and without any damage to your reputation.

Let Us Give Karma a Push!

In a perfect world, there would be no need for our services, but we don’t live in a perfect world. With us on your side, you no longer need to be afraid of what your employer can do to you and your future career. It is their time to be fearful of what you can do to their business, their reputation and their bottom line.

If you were terminated or forced out of your job because of sexual harassment or if you are currently working in a hostile work environment, we can help you.

Our relentless efforts for the past 25 years against sexual harassment have garnered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. But we don’t just stop there! Our fearless pursuit of employee justice has led to changes in employment policies and corporate structures at some of the largest corporations in the United States. We are not afraid to fight and fight for your rights we will!

Sexual Harassment
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With us on your side, you no longer need to be afraid of what your employer can do to you and your future, it is their time to be fearful of what you can do to their reputation and their bottom line. With us on your side, they can’t touch you anymore!