Our state approved CLEs are hilariously funny, entertaining and
on rare occasions even educational!


At Laughter-at-Law we strive to undo what practice of law has done to your soul.

Despite the overwhelming need for serious and conservative CLEs, much like what our forefathers have enjoyed for centuries, we at Laughter-at-Law have decided to go a different direction.

Yes, it’s time to change the way CLEs are taught, and we at Laughter-at-Law are not afraid to be the face of this change.

Lawyers who have taken our CLEs have rated them as the only ones to take if you have a desperate need for something horrifyingly entertaining. We like to share some of the awe-inspiring responses to our CLEs with you:

  • “What the %^#&?” 
  • “Wait, can you even say that?”
  • “Are we seriously getting CLE credits for this?”
  • “My firm is going to fire me for taking your CLE.”
  • “I have no words.”
  • “Your venue needs more bathrooms.”

As you can see from the enthusiastic reactions, our CLEs are provocative and life changing. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you will learn anything useful, be able to keep your jobs, or even want to practice law after taking any of our CLEs, but we can guarantee that you will never be the same. Come prepared for a transformational experience because at Laughter-at-Law our motto is:

“We bring sexy back to law where it belongs.” 

Laughter-at-Law may sound funny but make no mistake; it is not!

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