An eye for an eye?

They say any form of bullying is wrong. I don’t agree, but you be the judge of that!

When I entered high school, I didn’t know anyone, but I found my best friend within a week, and we formed a two-person click.

One day I noticed a classmate sobbing in the bathroom. I asked her what was wrong, and she tearfully told me that a few girls from the senior class were making fun of her because she was overweight. I had her point them out to me, and there they were, a click of four objectively attractive popular but mean girls.

As I watched them during the breaks, I noticed that my overweight classmate was not the only victim of their cruelty. There was the girl who had one leg slightly shorter than the other, the girl they claimed smelled, and then there was the sweetest little girl who was shy and stuttered when she became nervous.

I became protective and confronted the mean girls, but that only made me the next target of their ridicule. These girls were experts and knew exactly how to hurt me, and they sure did. They were cruel, cold-hearted, and relentless.

My best friend and I felt terrible for the girls we were protecting, so we welcomed our abused classmates into our click and took them under our wings. Since standing up to the mean girls had only backfired and our teachers didn’t care about our complaints, we took matters into our own hands. We began a secret campaign to hit them where it hurt, their relationships with each other. Within months, we caused their group to break up and become each other’s enemies.

Looking back, I know my best friend and I protected our classmates from further emotional scars, but I also know that we had to become bullies ourselves to do that.

Do I regret bullying the bullies? Not for a second because to have a just society, we need to protect those who cannot defend themselves. Sometimes we can only do that by making the wrongdoers taste the consequences of their actions. 

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