Rid yourself of bad blueberries at work

As an employer and an employment law attorney, I like to thank all those employees out there who put in the time and effort to be late, sleepwalk at work, show up with a moony disposition (in oppose to a sunny one) and are courageous enough to share their toxic attitude and personal drama with everyone at work. More importantly, I like to thank them for continuing to humor their employers into thinking they can be coached to change by giving everyone a glimmer of hope that just maybe one day, they show up to work on time, not cause drama, or do their work without complaining.

I passionately believe that pigs can fly, unicorns are everywhere, and toxic employees can change without lowering morale or destroying your business. So, please continue to hold on to those special employees out of fear that without them, you will have so much less! Less stress, less drama, less client complaints, less turnover, less waste, and just less!
Bad employees, especially in key positions may seem like worth keeping and sometimes even scary to get rid of because we overvalue their contributions without taking into consideration their overall harm to our businesses or our lives. Toxic employees at any level of the organization are like moldy blueberries in the bottom of a container full of good blueberries. With enough time, it will spoil the rest while you go insane.

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